Batgirl bendable figure


 NJ Croce Company
Brand: Batman
Sub-Brand: Batman the Animated Series
Name: Batgirl
Scale: 5 1/2″
Type: Bendable Figure*Click any highlighted link to see more products in the same category


  • Stop crime in a rubbery way!
  • 5 1/2 Inch


Batgirl bendable figure. Barbara Gordon is the daughter of police commissioner James Gordon. With her gymnastic ability and innovative detective work, she gains the respect of Batman and Robin and frequently joins them in fighting crime as Batgirl. Barbara is similar in age to DIck Grayson ( the former Robin), and the tow share a flirtatious relationship.

Batman The New Batman Adventures Batgirl Bendable Figure

Fans of The New Batman Adventures animated TV series will want this Batman The New Batman Adventures Batgirl 5-Inch Bendable Figure in their hot little hands. Bend and pose her as you desire!


Collect all of the bendable figures from the series, and stay tuned for more. by  NJ Croce Company

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