Donald Trump’s Small Hand Soap


  • 2 oz Bar Soap
  • Cucumber olive oil scent
  • Made in USA


Trump’s Small Hand Soap.

The soap is huge. It’s Yuge even. It’s the biggest soap there is. Sure, it’s vegetable soap- with glycerine, Shea,butter, and cocoa, not to mention the olive oil, grape seed oil, and cucumber oil that make it worth billions. You know, it really doesn’t matter what they write as long as you’ve got a young and beautiful piece of soap.

2 oz Bar Soap
by Unemployed Philosophers Guild
Feel like you need a shower? Trump’s Small Hand Soap is HUGE – especially if you have little hands. It’s time to Make America Bathe Again.
Cucumber olive oil scent
Does ordinary soap leave your bathroom dull? Make your sink or tub interesting with these smart little soaps!
2 oz. Bar in wrapped in full-color paper.
Made in the USA.