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New York City Yellow Cab Plush Toy

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    • Size:  5 X 5"  3.75" wide and  4" tall

    • Vinyl


New York City Yellow Cab Plush Toy.

An  adorable souvenir yellow plush cab with detailed wheels and realistic car parts. Perfect souvenir toy for young children or adults.  Everybody love them, they are soft and squishy.  Bring one home  from your trip to New York City.

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"The taxicabs of New York City are widely recognized icons of the city and come in two varieties: yellow and green. Taxis painted canary yellow (medallion taxis) are able to pick up passengers anywhere in the five boroughs. Those painted apple green (street hail livery vehicles, commonly known as "boro taxis"), which began to appear in August 2013, are allowed to pick up passengers in Upper Manhattanthe BronxBrooklynQueens (excluding LaGuardia Airport and John F. Kennedy International Airport), and Staten Island. "