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NYC Subway line magnet

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Brooklyn and New York City Fridge magnets are great souvenirs  for family and friends and a popular way to celebrate your tourist experiences.

2" x 3"


NYC Subway line magnet . Great quality Brooklyn and New York City magnets.
Fridge, tool box, locker magnets, made of a flexible magnetic paper. Great inexpensive souvenir or gift for friends and family.

NYC Subway line magnet . Colors and trunk lines of the subway. 

Each service is also assigned a color. Since 1979, each service's color corresponds to the line it primarily uses in Midtown Manhattan, or, in the case of the BMT Nassau Street and Canarsie Lines, the line used in Lower Manhattan. This is defined as the trunk line, with these exceptions: the IND Crosstown Line, which does not carry services to Manhattan, is colored lime green; and all shuttles are colored dark slate gray.[9] The list of trunk lines and colors is shown in the following table.