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Soap bubble 70ml for Children's parties

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  • Contains 2.3 ounces of bubble fluid

  • Includes bubble wand

  • Imported from Germany

  • for children 5 years and up


Soap bubble 70 ml for Children's birthday parties or just for fun.

Pustefix Soap Bubbles non-toxic, biodegradable and results in gorgeous streams of shimmering, think long-lasting, colorful bubbles, and a single dip of the wand will send an incredibly long stream of bubbles.  Made of   a ready to use bubble solution, designed to emphasize the incredible patterns of color visible on the surface of bubbles. Pustefix's completely safe formulation has special ingredients that increase the interference of light waves as they pass through the ultra-thin walls of the bubble film..

Great for children's birthday parties or any outdoor fun,    It includes the wand , imported from Germany.

Soap bubble, Sold as a single item.