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Weird New York Book Guide to New York's Local Legends

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  • Product dimensions:8.00 x 7.90 x 1.00(d)

  • Paperback

  • 256 pages.

  • Publisher:  Sterling


Weird New York Book Guide to New York's Local Legends , and Best Kept Secrets. by Chris Gethard. " Legends die Hard. They survive as truth rarely does.-Helen Hayes, Actress.

New York Has many faces. In some places, the Empire State is citified and bustling. In others, it's as natural and pristine as it was centuries ago. It would seem that there isn't much to bond people from such different landscapes together. But all New Yorkers have at least one thing in common. No matter where they go in this vast, expansive state, they will come across incredible tales that have somehow sprung up and taken root in our collective imaginations.

We are a society where even the news, supposedly a true account of our daily lives, is increasingly prepackaged info-tainment. Our local legends, on the other hand , are often violent, horrific, and tap into our most primal fears and darkest desires. You won't find the Legend of sleepy Hollow in these pages. Instead, we will explore some of the lesser known locations that inspire our modern mythology today.


It's called the Empire State because, as any New Yorker will tell you, it's the state by which all others are measured. And it certainly takes the cake for odd legends, bizarre beasts, and twisted mysteries. Go say hi to Jumper and Grumpy at America's largest pet cemetery. Avoid the screaming and gunshots of House Road, but do sample the Jell-O Museum in Le Roy. And next time you're in Staten Island, beware of Bigfoot-he's found his way out there.

Local Legends and Lore.